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It has been an age old argument from jewelers around the globe...what's the best color to produce jewelry on? You understand every store, mall cart or artist likes to use a number of display options: bracelet ramps, earring trees, necks, etc. But they all have his/her own preference by what color cloth or velvet is likely to make their jewelry look best.

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I have noticed for the most part art implies that jewelry makers like black velvet. It makes silver and gold pop out when lit from above and makes solid color gemstones including turquoise vibrate up. But when black looks so great, why can't you name a single professional jewelry store retail chain that uses it? They often use an cream color or ivory to show their pieces.

las vegas jewelry store
Neutral colors might be best whether or not it's black or white. Pastels, navy blues and strong mixed colors will reflect negatively against clear or light color gemstones and the gold and silver they may be emerge. Neutral colors give a true representation from the gemstone colors preventing intrusive reflections. I've come across a gemstone just catch somewhat of a nearby dark color and reflect it on each element of the stone, giving the impression of a large number of tiny inclusions throughout. Poor quality!

The clear winner is Ivory. It will give you an obvious representation on most gems, cabs, stones and metals, including pearls. Black is okay, although not for an enclosed jewelry store area with overhead halogen lighting. Dozens of black displays will make the whole store look "dark" especially from outside in the hallway. Ivory will reflect the halogen lights back up towards the ceiling, giving your store an airy and inviting demeanor.


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